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Data Protection – Sharing Data Responsibly

It’s no surprise that organizations around the world are struggling with how to reduce the risk of a data breach. According to a recent IBM study, 60% of breaches coming from insiders. And part of that may be attributable to the fact that, according to a recent Harvard study, 70% of employees have access to data that they shouldn’t.

It’s a privacy and security obligation that organizations protect their sensitive data. Yet at the same time, it’s a competitive imperative that information is put in the hands of customers and decision-makers.

How do organizations manage the sharing and protection of information? That’s the subject of this infographic.

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Privacy by Design and the Emerging Personal Data Ecosystem

This introduction to Privacy by Design informs readers of the 7 Foundational Principles that guide this framework for proactive privacy protection. PHEMI subscribes embedding privacy into its designs to provide end-to-end security while remaining user friendly.

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Privacy by Design in the Age of Big Data

In this paper, the then-Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Ann Cavoukian, outlines the necessity for privacy features in emerging big data technology and includes an overview of the seven specific Privacy by Design features Entity Analytic Solution group's chief scientist and IBM Fellow, Jeff Jonas, developed when engineering a next-generation big data system. These features provide an overview of necessary capabilities that need to be built-in to any secure big data solution.

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