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Turnkey Hadoop? Yes, It’s Possible.

As you already know, there are big benefits to big data, and the first step to capitalizing on them is getting an efficient data architecture (including your traditional systems AND big data) up and running. But what’s the best way to build that warehouse? In our last blog, we discussed the many questions and complications that arise when you want to go DIY and build the warehouse yourself. But what about a pre-integrated solution? A turnkey solution won’t be as

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Big Data for Healthcare: Deployment Challenges

A growing number of healthcare leaders recognize the huge potential of big data technology to fuel new innovation. If you’re among them, you’re already ahead of the game. But what’s the next step? Where do you go from here? As you embark on your big data for healthcare journey, here are some of the most important considerations to keep in mind. DIY vs. Integrated Solutions The first question to answer is whether to buy a pre-integrated big data system or

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The Time Is Now for Healthcare Big Data

Healthcare big data can power amazing advances. By analyzing vast quantities of genomic data, clinical records, and healthcare business intelligence, researchers can discover new targeted therapies, identify disease risk factors, improve hospital operations and much more. But all of that depends on one basic premise: more people (clinicians, researchers, analysts) having access to much more information. And that’s far from the reality today. The biggest issue: fragmented data. In most healthcare organizations, data is spread out across multiple servers, databases,

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Connecting the Dots: Driving New Business Value with Data Science

You think you know what’s in your data—but do you? This June, PHEMI’s Lead Data Scientist, Sarbjit Sarkaria, spoke at a sold-out room at the New York City Cloud Expo. Dr. Sarkaria’s presentation Connecting the Dots: Driving New Business Value with Data Science illustrates the new possibilities that emerge when data science techniques are combined with the cutting-edge abilities of big data technologies. Dr. Sarkaria draws from the worlds of finance, precision medicine, and genomics to explain how industry leaders

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Serve it up! PHEMI Central, SAP HANA and Lumira make self-serve data a reality.

Enterprises in virtually every industry, from healthcare to telecom, from financial services to the public sector, are increasingly aware of how much value lies in their data. They want to analyze data from across their organization to better understand their customers, improve product development and even predict outcomes. They are currently accumulating masses of data, collecting it from online sources that stream petabytes of data, or Internet of Things (IoT) devices that report every hour, every minute, every second. The

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