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Sap Steps up Data Privacy in Europe

Big Data Privacy

In our Big Data Round-Up series, PHEMI’s roving reporter brings you thought-provoking articles, resources, and insights that have caught our eye. Software companies from all over the world – including heavyweights like SAP and Oracle, and new visionaries like PHEMI – are strengthening their data privacy capabilities to meet increasing demands from businesses and consumers. Changing data sovereignty laws and an increasing focus on data security are forcing data software companies to adapt. In the case of SAP, Computer Weekly

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Big Data Analysis & the Cure for Death by Clicking

By Nelson Bennett – LifeScience BC 2014 New B.C.-made technology puts real-time big data analysis of medical and patient data in hands of physicians, researchers Before cardiologist Alan Rabinowitz sees a patient, a nurse or secretary can spend close to an hour pulling together information from several databases to create a patient chart. Rabinowitz calls it “death by clicking.” “If there’s 13 keystrokes to get a little piece of data, then you may as well just use paper,” he says. Rabinowitz is one of the co-founders of

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PHEMI CEO Interview on Big Data in Healthcare

In a June 2014 interview with SAP correspondent Meagan McIntyre, PHEMI CEO Dr. Paul Terry, spoke about how PHEMI helps healthcare organizations use data effectively for population health management, business intelligence, and disease management. PHEMI’s unique privacy, service and governance architecture – combined with SAP HANA’s in-memory database – is helping healthcare organizations use Big Data to unlock their information silos and mine them for deep analysis and insight. Watch PHEMI’s CEO, Paul Terry speak about Big Data in Healthcare:

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SAP: 3 Healthcare Startups To Check Out At #SAPPHIRENOW

By Sarah Harvey, Healthcare organizations around the world face many challenges, including rising costs, an aging population, and inconsistent quality of care. They are also data rich, but information poor. Some experts estimate that 30 percent of the world’s data comes from the healthcare industry. But all of this data is housed in disparate systems, and hospitals, doctors, and researchers often struggle to get real insight. Luckily, these three healthcare startups from the SAP Startup Focus program are working to solve healthcare’s data problem.

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SAP: Tackling US Healthcare’s $450B problem by driving better patient outcomes

By Dharini Ramarkrishnan, Healthcare expenses now represent 17.6 percent of US GDP, nearly $600 billion more than the expected benchmark for a nation of the United States’s size and wealth says a McKinsey report.  The Washington Post states that health insurance coverage now costs $23,215 for a typical family, with employers bearing 60% of those costs. According to the Institute of Medicine, the U.S. healthcare system wastes more than $765 billion each year—about 30 percent of our healthcare spending. Employers are looking for ways to cut

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