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The Healthcare Cloud Big Data Checklist

You’re ready to start capitalizing on your data to uncover new insights. And you’re sold on the cloud to make big data simpler to implement. But not all big data platforms—and not all clouds—are the same. If you’re going to fast-track your journey to data-driven healthcare innovation, be sure your solution checks all of the following boxes.   1. Is the solution production-ready? With advances in Hadoop and open-source big data tools, it’s relatively easy today to build something that

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PHEMI Introduces Big Data Healthcare Solution in the Cloud with Privacy Protection and HITRUST Security

PHEMI Central in ClearDATA cloud jumpstarts precision medicine and healthcare optimization initiatives VANCOUVER, BC, February 29, 2016 – the company delivering privacy, security, and governance with enterprise-grade management for big data, today announced the launch of a streamlined, low-cost of entry big data cloud solution for the healthcare industry, in partnership with ClearDATA. PHEMI Central in the cloud provides healthcare and life science organizations a means to quickly and cost-effectively store, manage, protect, and share data used for analytics in a wide

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PHEMI Named One of Canada’s Companies-to-Watch in the 2015 Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ Awards

Company awarded for superior technology and management experience and as a successful early-stage company poised for continued growth VANCOUVER, BC, November 12, 2015 – PHEMI, the company delivering privacy, security, governance and enterprise-grade management for big data, today announced it has received a 2015 Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ Award in the “Companies-to-Watch” category. Launched over 15 years ago, the Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ celebrates leadership, innovation and excellence in the Canadian technology sector. The Companies-to-Watch Award honors early-stage Canadian technology

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Phemi’s Big Data Approach: Never Trust, Always Verify

By Alison Diana: September 22, 2015  To address organizations’ security, privacy, and data silo challenges, Phemi today unveiled its Zero Trust Data approach to big data which is based on the Zero Trust Networking model that demands adopters “never trust, always verify.” Phemi’s Zero Trust Data model embeds and enforces consent, data sharing pacts, and privacy policies at the data level, according to the developer. Therefore, the solution encodes privacy and governance policies directly onto data as an organization collects

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PHEMI Enables Data-Driven Enterprises with Zero Trust Data

Bringing Privacy, Security & Governance to Big Data VANCOUVER, BC, September 22, 2015 – PHEMI, the company delivering privacy, security, and governance for big data, today introduced Zero Trust Data, an innovative, comprehensive approach to remove critical roadblocks standing in the way of enterprises aiming to become data-driven.  A Zero Trust Data approach changes the way data is managed and secured, allowing companies to more effectively collect, share and protect data. “The Big Data movement has opened up a lot of opportunity,

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Big Data Analysis & the Cure for Death by Clicking

By Nelson Bennett – LifeScience BC 2014 New B.C.-made technology puts real-time big data analysis of medical and patient data in hands of physicians, researchers Before cardiologist Alan Rabinowitz sees a patient, a nurse or secretary can spend close to an hour pulling together information from several databases to create a patient chart. Rabinowitz calls it “death by clicking.” “If there’s 13 keystrokes to get a little piece of data, then you may as well just use paper,” he says. Rabinowitz is one of the co-founders of

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Integrated Knowledge Networks – Driving the Transfer of Knowledge in Healthcare

By Dr. Paul Terry PHEMI’s mission is to unlock patient data for clinicians, administrators and researchers. PHEMI Health Systems envisages a data collection and Big Data platform that aggregates vast amounts of clinical patient information from the point of care, stores it in a highly secure, private digital asset library, and allows approved users to mine the information for important insights, which can then flow back to the clinician to inform subsequent care. We refer to this powerful feedback loop

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