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Data Protection: Sharing Data Responsibly

How do you share data responsibly?  I’m very excited to share a new infographic we just produced on privacy and data protection.  It’s no surprise that organizations around the world are struggling with how to reduce the risk of a data breach. According to a recent IBM study, 60% of breaches coming from insiders.  And part of that may be attributable to the fact that, according to a recent Harvard study, 70% of employees have access to data that they

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Maybe Don’t Try This at Home: The Pains of DIY Hadoop

So you want to get started with big data. Excellent! It’s easy to see why. From 360-degree customer views built from past transactions and social media feeds, to the ability to analyze thousands of processes and identify inefficiencies, to uncovering brand new connections by bringing together all your formerly disparate data sources, big data means big rewards for organizations across industries. For these reasons, the why is obvious. It’s the how that often proves more elusive. How do you get

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DIY vs. fully integrated Hadoop – What’s best for your organization?

By Adam Lorant, VP Product Management & Solutions, PHEMI The trade-offs of building it yourself vs. going with a pre-integrated, out-of-the-box platform You don’t have to look far to see the amazing things that organizations are doing with big data technology: pulling information from past transactions, social media and other sources to develop 360-degree views of their customers. Analyzing thousands of processes to identify causes of breakdowns and inefficiencies. Bringing together disparate data sources to uncover connections that were never

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Phemi’s Big Data Approach: Never Trust, Always Verify

By Alison Diana: September 22, 2015  To address organizations’ security, privacy, and data silo challenges, Phemi today unveiled its Zero Trust Data approach to big data which is based on the Zero Trust Networking model that demands adopters “never trust, always verify.” Phemi’s Zero Trust Data model embeds and enforces consent, data sharing pacts, and privacy policies at the data level, according to the developer. Therefore, the solution encodes privacy and governance policies directly onto data as an organization collects

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Take Your Big Data Strategy Beyond the Data Lake

Beyond the Data Lake— Part 1 of a three-part series “Big data” is no longer on the horizon. For many organizations, big data still feels like a relatively new kid on the block, but more and more organizations are being driven to explore it because of the explosion in data available to collect, the diversity of that data, and the value it represents. For sure, big data technologies—including Hadoop-based solutions—present challenges of their own. But as organizations start to understand

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PHEMI Closes $12.2 Million Venture Financing

Led by a team of serial entrepreneurs,  new financing will expand sales, marketing and engineering capabilities to bring privacy to big data VANCOUVER, BC, August 11, 2015 – PHEMI, the company delivering security, privacy, and governance insights through the promise of big data, today announced it has raised a $12.2 million round of venture financing to expand the commercialization phase of the company. Secured by a combination of new and existing investors, the financing was co-led by CTI Life Sciences Fund (CTI) and

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Big Data Technology: Where do we go from here?

Big data technology has clearly progressed since the early days of Hadoop. In fact, if you were at the Strata + Hadoop Conference this year, you’d see the innovation and think now could be the time that big data will finally take off. At the conference there were more commercialized solutions, more data architectural approaches, and more emphasis being placed on customer satisfaction. In addition, there was considerable advancement being shown in the areas of data science, data preparation, and

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