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Ten Considerations to Realize Enterprise-Grade Big Data Systems

By now, enterprises are familiar with the enormous promise of big data, and most have plans (or at least a wish) to implement it. Even so, very few organizations have rolled it out. Why? To the cautious enterprise, big data systems still seems like the Wild West—there are all these open-source components, not fully integrated, that seem like they’ll require an army of Hadoop programmers. The workflow with existing tools and analytics tools seems hard to visualize. Moreover, at the same

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Big Data Technology: Where do we go from here?

Big data technology has clearly progressed since the early days of Hadoop. In fact, if you were at the Strata + Hadoop Conference this year, you’d see the innovation and think now could be the time that big data will finally take off. At the conference there were more commercialized solutions, more data architectural approaches, and more emphasis being placed on customer satisfaction. In addition, there was considerable advancement being shown in the areas of data science, data preparation, and

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