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The Data Effect

The seventh edition of The Data Effect, organized by CityAge on April 13th, 2017 in Ottawa, will look at the next steps in building our national strategy to use new tools in data — such as big data, AI and digital government — to build a better Canada. These new opportunities can promote economic productivity, demonstrate Canada is a sustainable resource exporter, make government more responsive and efficient, and encourage a healthier nation. To date, more than 1,500 leaders from

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Turnkey Hadoop? Yes, It’s Possible.

As you already know, there are big benefits to big data, and the first step to capitalizing on them is getting an efficient data architecture (including your traditional systems AND big data) up and running. But what’s the best way to build that warehouse? In our last blog, we discussed the many questions and complications that arise when you want to go DIY and build the warehouse yourself. But what about a pre-integrated solution? A turnkey solution won’t be as

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Executive Viewpoint 2017 Prediction: PHEMI

With analysts predicting a worldwide big data technology and services market valued at nearly $50 billion by 2019, it’s imperative to understand big data trends. PHEMI Systems CEO Dr. Paul Terry shares insights gleaned from working with CIOs and IT departments leveraging big data more effectively for analysis, business intelligence, data science, and discovery. Consensus Builds for Big Data Privacy and Governance Data Science Drives Greater Discovery Emerging Cloud-Based Big Data Solutions Big Data Warehouse Solutions Out-of-the-Box New Business Requirements

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Top 11 Vancouver-based Big Data Startups You Need to Know About in 2016

Big Data—extremely large data sets that can be analyzed to reveal trends and patterns—play an increasingly critical role in today’s enterprise operations. Businesses utilize Big Data solutions to glean key insights regarding customer behavior and other market patterns and adjust their strategies accordingly. Here’s a list of the top 11 Vancouver-based Big Data startups to look out for in 2016. 1. PHEMI PHEMI develops big data warehousing solutions for collecting, curating, and consuming any kind of data—with an emphasis on privacy, security, and

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Yaniv Erlich at TEDxDanubia

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In our Big Data Round-Up series, PHEMI’s roving reporter brings you thought-provoking articles, resources, and insights that have caught our eye. Yaniv Erlich is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University and a Core Member of the New York Genome Center. However, he may be most famous for challenging privacy and security systems, his accomplishments ranging from unlocking bank doors to re-identifying anonymized genomic information. This May, Erlich spoke at Security He walked the audience through how he

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