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Personalized Medicine Summit 2017

PHEMI is excited to be sponsoring this year’s Personalized Medicine Summit 2017. The Personalized Medicine Initiative and partners are pleased to announce the 2nd Personalized Medicine Summit 2017, scheduled for June 11-13, 2017 at the University of British Columbia (UBC). This meeting follows on from the highly successful 1st Personalized Summit 2015 at UBC, which resulted in a consensus advisory document, the “Roadmap for Bringing Personalized Medicine to British Columbians”. The Summit will produce an updated Roadmap to assist government,

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Opinion: When is a hybrid approach right for the enterprise data warehouse?

After attending a recent analytics conference sponsored by Gartner Inc., I walked away with both new and updated information, as well as a lingering, disquieting observation. In a nutshell – there is lots of data out there with more pouring in every day. Yet it’s really hard to derive insights from it. As someone once said “We have oceans of data, yet only puddles of information.” While this is not breaking news, this perception persists largely because the prevailing enterprise

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The Data Effect

The seventh edition of The Data Effect, organized by CityAge on April 13th, 2017 in Ottawa, will look at the next steps in building our national strategy to use new tools in data — such as big data, AI and digital government — to build a better Canada. These new opportunities can promote economic productivity, demonstrate Canada is a sustainable resource exporter, make government more responsive and efficient, and encourage a healthier nation. To date, more than 1,500 leaders from

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Webinar: The State of the Art in Data Management for Precision Medicine & Genomics

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eHealth Initiative (eHi) recently interviewed a number of leading healthcare organizations to learn about their data management strategies for precision medicine and genomics. Join this informative webinar to learn the role of precision medicine, and how organizations are working to get the most value from their genomic data. Topics include: Integrating genomics with clinical practice Use-case examples Data management and storage strategies Getting data ready for analytics Privacy and security concerns Implications of data sharing Exploring and mining unstructured and

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BC Safety Authority

BC Safety Authority is an independent, self-funded organization mandated to oversee the safe installation and operation of technical systems and equipment. In addition to issuing permits, licences and certificates, we work with industry to reduce safety risks through assessment, education and outreach, enforcement, and research. Join PHEMI CEO, Dr. Paul Terry, at the event on March 2, 2017.

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Capitalizing on Big Data with Data Science

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the marketing hype these days around “big data.” But what does it actually mean in practice? What’s the difference between big data, data science and the kinds of analytics that organizations have been using for years? How do big data systems and modern data science work together to answer new kinds of questions? Scientific Computing spoke with Roy Wilds, Ph.D., of PHEMI, a Vancouver-based big data company, to find out. When people talk about

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Turnkey Hadoop? Yes, It’s Possible.

As you already know, there are big benefits to big data, and the first step to capitalizing on them is getting an efficient data architecture (including your traditional systems AND big data) up and running. But what’s the best way to build that warehouse? In our last blog, we discussed the many questions and complications that arise when you want to go DIY and build the warehouse yourself. But what about a pre-integrated solution? A turnkey solution won’t be as

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Maybe Don’t Try This at Home: The Pains of DIY Hadoop

So you want to get started with big data. Excellent! It’s easy to see why. From 360-degree customer views built from past transactions and social media feeds, to the ability to analyze thousands of processes and identify inefficiencies, to uncovering brand new connections by bringing together all your formerly disparate data sources, big data means big rewards for organizations across industries. For these reasons, the why is obvious. It’s the how that often proves more elusive. How do you get

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Guest Speaker: Dr. Paul Terry at SFU’s Big Data Hub

PHEMI’s President and CEO, Dr. Paul Terry will be giving a talk on Thursday, Jan. 19th, 12-1 pm, in the Presentation Studio at SFU’s Big Data Hub (ASB 10900). In his talk, Paul Terry will discuss the following issues, and consider the future of big data. * Big Data meets the cloud. * Big Data takes over from the Data Warehouse – Is there a future beyond SQL? * Big Data meets real time – Analysis as a competitive advance –

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Big Data Benefits to Researchers

This fall Roy Wilds, Chief Data Scientist at PHEMI, and Rebecca Laborde, Principal Field Scientist at Oracle, shared their first-hand experience with big data in a webinar. Their perspective, along with those of other industry leaders in the field, illuminate the many ways healthcare researchers can benefit from big data. Big data provides so many opportunities to researchers to: Collect all their diverse data together, regardless of size. “There’s no such thing as small data anymore… Everything has grown in

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