Infrastructure Investment

Being able to identify high-value usage on telco infrastructure assets can mean the difference between strong and weak ROI. For this, the business needs a clear picture of relative profitability for cell towers, base stations, and other capital assets—a picture that’s not always provided by customer profitability reports.

Information about high-value usage is embedded in many data sources, both structured and unstructured, for example:

  • Customer detail records
  • Device usage records
  • Base station utilization data
  • The CRM system
  • Network logs

The PHEMI Central Big Data Warehouse lets telco operators consolidate these records, integrating structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data at scale across data silos, enriching analysis. PHEMI Central’s powerful metadata framework and Data Processing Functions can parse, transform, and consistently model this data into analytics-ready digital assets to detect premium customers and high-return field assets.

Likewise, the best maintenance schedule is just in time—not too early and not too late—and just enough—not too little and not too much. Telcos need to be able to target exactly where and when infrastructure needs to be upgraded. This means up-to-date analysis of bandwidth consumption and service usage so the business can effectively match them to infrastructure investments. PHEMI Central can help keep longer-term data for planning network loads but still recognize the fresh data needed to form a correct picture of service and infrastructure usage, so capital investments can be prioritized for optimal ROI.