Public Sector Intelligence

PHEMI helps governments and public sector agencies become value-driven organizations that can easily access their data to ask questions that drive better and faster decision-making, answering questions such as these:

  • What is the relationship between program outcomes and cost?
  • Are overall and specific resources effectively allocated and utilized?
  • What are the best metrics for assessing program performance?
  • Did user surveys reflect actual outcomes?
  • Did the program meet citizen needs?

The PHEMI Central Big Data Warehouse helps public sector organizations with their key mandates.

Improving government resources and delivering timely servicesManaging physical and environmental resources
Improving financial performance across departments and organizationsPreventing fraud and waste
Enhancing workforce productivityEncouraging sustainable investment
Ensuring cyber-securityDriving digital office innovation

The PHEMI solution seamlessly consolidates information from disparate information sources into a robust big data warehouse that supports the sophisticated curation and mining of all data sources and types—demographic, income, career training, support services, user surveys, and more.

Data-rich, yet information-poor government agencies need to be able to mine the depth and breadth of information available across the many data silos within the government framework. The data exists; with PHEMI, it becomes accessible and usable so government agencies are able to determine program effectiveness and efficiency.

Once that initially trapped data is aggregated, it is simpler and faster to respond to urgent data requests from users.

PHEMI also has industry-leading privacy, security and governance features that protect a citizen’s personal information, yet let approved policy- and decision-makers access the data to gain insight and drive business priorities for their departments and agencies.

Ultimately, access to data translates to better data-driven decisions. With PHEMI, this better decision-making ability comes with no compromise in the privacy and security requirements that both citizens and public sector organizations demand.

PHEMI can be used with in-memory computing solutions to help dramatically accelerate analytics, business processes, sentiment data processing, and predictive capabilities.