Citizen Services

Governments strive to provide meaningful, well-utilized, and cost-effective services to a broad range of individual citizens and businesses and to other public sector organizations. They work to connect individuals and families to the right services at the right time, with the goal of improving personal outcomes and building healthy communities. Services need to be integrated, transparent, and efficient. Governments need a technology solution that provides a cohesive view of the service-user across agencies, across programs, and across technologies; but this cohesive view must come with the necessary governance and security controls to protect privacy rights. PHEMI solutions provide this.

Governments are also increasing revenues by working more effectively with businesses. By unlocking data trapped in multiple data sources and in many formats—and by using a solution that helps them comply with governance and privacy legislation—governments can be more responsive to business needs.

Services range greatly:

Employment and Career ServicesPermit Approvals
Pension ProgramsEnergy Conservation
Family ServicesNew Venture Acceleration
Social AssistanceStrategic Infrastructure Programs
Disability ManagementFreedom of Information

With PHEMI Central, public sector organizations can:

  • Define and build innovative new citizen and business applications on demand
  • Focus applications on user functionality without compromising privacy, security, and governance
  • Consolidate and effectively manage data spread across the various agencies, in accordance with with established privacy policies
  • Rapidly define and roll out individualized analytics dashboards and reports
  • Measure and monitor the success rates of programs
  • Draw on a vibrant ecosystem of big data applications