Production and Safety

With most oil and gas producers generating massive volumes and variant types of operational data on an ongoing basis, the need for real-time data becomes even more pressing to ensure that drilling and extraction equipment is maintained properly and production is conducted in a safe and efficient way.

Producers are facing a number of factors contributing to data quality and data management challenges.

  • Decentralized numerical equipment and geological sensor data, often stored in very remote sites
  • Aging communication towers with slow data transfer between facilities
  • Disparate data sources, including geological data about well safety and reserve ability

PHEMI Central’s ability to scale from terabytes to petabytes, collect variant data sources, and aggregate geospatial data in milliseconds at either a central location or in the cloud provides decision-makers with information in realtime to conduct meaningful analysis. With PHEMI Central, data can be analyzed and used more effectively to:

  • Predict remaining life and quality of equipment, avoiding costly mechanical bottlenecks, preventing safety hazards, and not hampering production.
  • Identify and reveal levels of oil reserves and reservoirs.
  • Help decision makers alleviate safety concerns in oil drilling anomalies, proactively shutting down production in the event of an emergency.