Value Based Care

PHEMI helps healthcare organizations adopt a more value based care framework, providing them with tools to assess the financial variables in providing patient care. With PHEMI, healthcare organizations can ask numerous questions to affect better decision-making.

  • Are clinical resources effectively allocated and utilized?
  • What is the relationship between patient outcomes and cost?
  • What are the best metrics for benchmarking clinician performance?
  • Where are the opportunities to reduce costs?
  • Did adherence to evidence-based guidelines result in improved health outcomes?
  • What percentages of patients were diagnosed correctly on their first visit?
  • How will claims rates be affected by changes in hospital policy?

Healthcare organizations need to know what “works for whom, why, in what context and at what cost.” The PHEMI Central Big Data Warehouse seamlessly collects patient information from disparate information sources, driving the sophisticated curation and analysis of all data – clinical, claims, and other. The PHEMI solution provides administrators and policy makers with real-world intelligence to gain insight and drive business decisions for their organizations and provide value based care to their patients.

  • Feed efficient dataset construction for easy data analysis using the best reporting analysis and business intelligence tools, such as SAP, SAS, Tableau, and R
  • Efficiently manage large volumes of complex structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data
  • Scale to hundreds of petabytes at incremental cost
  • Integrate seamlessly with your favorite analytics visualization, and reporting tools for real-time data modelling and predictive analytics
  • Automatically enforce privacy policies, considering both user authorizations and data sensitivity, ensuring that only the right people get the right information at the right time