Self-Serve Data

The PHEMI Big Data Warehouse and PHEMI Data Catalog allow organizations to freely mine data with full privacy, security, and governance. Self-serve data access:

  • Accelerates time to insight by cataloging and publishing a dictionary of digital assets
  • Fosters discovery with point-and-click data exploration and visualization
  • Reduces the cost and effort associated with accessing and managing the data
  • Allows free data sharing while enforcing privacy, security, and governance

With the PHEMI Central Big Data Warehouse and the PHEMI Data Catalog, organizations can:

  • Collect and consolidate structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from a range of sources
  • Allow analysts to curate and publish catalogs of data for end users
  • Eliminate the need for end users to understand SQL
  • Provide immediate access to data
  • Allow researchers and analysts self-serve access to freely explore and select data from the catalog
  • Automatically comply with increasingly complex privacy, security, and governance requirements