Enterprise Data Warehouse Optimization

Enterprise data warehouses (EDWs) have been key in driving business insight for enterprises. But enterprise data is essentially doubling every two years and it’s no secret that traditional EDWs are being brought to their knees.

Some data is critical for immediate analysis and queries. Other data is lower-touch, but still needs to be retained because customers expect it, or for governance reasons. Also, EDWs struggle when they have to handle unstructured data, which now makes up as much as 90% of enterprise data.

EDW resources are extremely costly and with exploding data, traditional EDW retention windows are shrinking fast. The next step for many enterprises is offloading the non-mission critical data from the EDW into a solution like the PHEMI Central Big Data Warehouse.

  • Free up storage on the existing EDW’s system capacity, thereby reducing licensing fees and congestion in the EDW pipeline
  • Support a wide variety of data types and volumes
  • Use PHEMI Central’s powerful metadata framework and data processing functions to parse, extract, encrypt, link, aggregate, and model data to produce valuable digital assets—in the form the enterprise needs
  • Automatically manage information governance throughout the data lifecycle
  • Seamlessly feed requested data from PHEMI Central to the EDW
  • Speed up query time by ensuring the most frequently accessed information is kept in the EDW

PHEMI Central can free up an organization’s EDW to process the most valuable data for business insights, while storing “exhaust” data at speed and scale, and at low cost, while at the same time mining it for new insights.

PHEMI Central preserves an organization’s investment in their existing solution, while providing a safe, responsible path to the future.