360° Customer Engagement

Unfortunately, many enterprises today have only fragmented views of their customers. Information is stored across many data stores and applications, including CRM, ERP, mainframe, geospatial information, server logs, and networks logs. Some of this information is structured, and works nicely in an traditional enterprise data warehouse. Very often, though, information is unstructured or semi-structured data, produced by social networking sites, by sensors, web logs, devices, or e-mails. Moreover, the enterprise’s view is often limited to the primary account holder, but today’s account holders have subsidiary accounts for spouses and children, causing major information gaps.

The PHEMI Central Big Data Warehouse can consolidate the enterprise’s view of customer activity across information silos, enabling companies to target promotions more effectively, respond in real time to customer service issues, and ultimately engage with a customer on a more personal level. PHEMI Central can:

  • Ingest all types of data—Internet of Things (IoT) data, social media, account information, support calls, unstructured documents, texts, contracts, payment, loyalty points, and so on— for a much broader view of the customer
  • Share de-identified or identified customer data as appropriate with various departments for use in analyzing payment and purchase trends and buying patterns, and to develop customized marketing promotions
  • Produce incremental or real-time aggregations for customer profile modelling and staffing models
  • Produce customer event timelines for analysis