Big Data Sharing

PHEMI Central

Take Advantage of Enterprise-Grade Big Data and Data Sharing to Unlock the Value in Your Data


Ingest and tag all types and any size of data, from small kilobyte files to large multi-Gigabyte files, and from structured files to streaming machine-to-machine data.


Extract the greatest possible value from your data with processing, indexing, cataloging, linking, and metadata.

Protect and Share

Support collaboration, while protecting privacy, and managing consent and data sharing

Ease Your Entry into Big Data

Grow your solution at your own pace. PHEMI Central integrates with your existing applications, ETL tools, analytics tools, and existing databases or Enterprise Data Warehouse. Unlike Do-It-Yourself solutions, PHEMI Central is a fully integrated product, enterprise-grade and ready to deploy. You can preserve your investment in existing infrastructure, and ease your way into production and expanding incrementally.

PHEMI Central™ is a production-ready big data warehouse with built-in privacy, data sharing, and data governance. PHEMI Central delivers the scalability and economics of Hadoop with indexing, cataloging, fine-grained access control, and full lifecycle, enterprise-grade data management.

Economically integrate all of your data.

PHEMI Central Big Data Warehouse, built on Hadoop, unlocks your data silos and makes all of your data available for analytic and operational applications. Big data technology allows you to scale to petabytes of data with cluster economics. PHEMI Central adds simplified deployment and out-of-the-box operations and the ability to integrate immediately with existing data sources and analytics tools. PHEMI’s solution simplifies every step, from installation and data sharing, to getting your end users up and running.

Index, catalog, and enrich your data for findability and performance and data sharing.

PHEMI Central intelligently curates your data from the moment it arrives. Data is indexed and cataloged on ingest for sub-second lookups. PHEMI Central can cleanse, standardize, encrypt, or otherwise process selected information. Data Processing Functions—programs written in common programming languages that operate right in the datastore—allow you to transform data at any point in time, without having to manage the complexities of distributed computing. The

PHEMI Data Catalog adds the ability to curate virtual datasets for controlled, self-serve, point-and-click data sharing by end users.

Protect and share data with privacy, security, and governance.

PHEMI’s privacy, data sharing, and data governance features let you automatically protect private and sensitive data, while being able to share it with collaborators. PHEMI Central’s Zero Trust Data implementation controls access to information at the field level, ensuring rightful access at scale. PHEMI Central can anonymize, hide, or redact data for different user authorizations. Access control based on user attributes and metadata enforces rightful access, and advanced data management features like version control, lifecycle management, and data sharing agreement enforcement help you achieve compliance and governance objectives


PHEMI Central Big Data Warehouse