Big Data Resources

Big Data: Seizing Opportunities, Preserving Values

A key report that set the stage for how we think about data as a resource and big data's potential for the public and private sector, as well as the resulting policy and privacy imperatives.

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Preserving Digital Data

This article expertly explains the real threat of data loss, especially in public science, because many systems do not preserve their data to be accessible in the long-term. In order to make data sustainable and useful over time, organizations need systems with well-built infrastructures.

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Simplest way to monetize data: think of data as a product

Mike Davie provides a short introduction to effectively harnessing data and making it valuable.

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The Future of Data Security: A Zero Trust Approach

This report details the zero trust approach to data security, to which PHEMI subscribes. Zero trust maintains data security and protects customer privacy by never making the assumption that perimeter-based security strategies do: that certain networks are "trusted" spaces. This document is a great introduction to thinking about data security differently.

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Guide to Attribute Based Access Control by NIST

This National Institute of Standards and Technology defines Attribute Based Access Control and details considerations and best practices for implementation.

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