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Major Shifts in Big Data for 2016

By Dr. Paul Terry Last year at PHEMI, we saw many exciting developments for big data management and analytics. We expect no different for 2016, with some existing shifts continuing and some new trends beginning to emerge. Clearly, the coming year is showing a lot of promise for leveraging new big data technologies and solutions across a number of different industries. One key big data shift that’s expected in 2016 is a move towards the “Democratization of Data.” In the

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Integrated Knowledge Networks – Driving the Transfer of Knowledge in Healthcare

By Dr. Paul Terry PHEMI’s mission is to unlock patient data for clinicians, administrators and researchers. PHEMI Health Systems envisages a data collection and Big Data platform that aggregates vast amounts of clinical patient information from the point of care, stores it in a highly secure, private digital asset library, and allows approved users to mine the information for important insights, which can then flow back to the clinician to inform subsequent care. We refer to this powerful feedback loop

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Big Data – Enabling the Art of the Possible

By Dr. Paul Terry Big Data is best used as a tool to support mission-critical outcomes, but its value to enable curiosity-based research also triggers the “art of the possible”.  Big Data allows users to store information without mapping it beforehand; it allows users to store data without limits on size or parameters on types; most importantly, Big Data allows users to ask numerous “what if” questions in a variety of scenarios.  At PHEMI Health Systems, we’ve been using a

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