Artificial Intelligence: Monster or Mentor?

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere these days. It’s simultaneously heralded as both the greatest thing since sliced bread — freeing us from driving cars, diagnosing diseases better, and so on — and the worst thing imaginable— displacing millions of jobs, and a step towards the inevitable AI domination of humans.

In this blog series we’re going to dive deeper into several exciting examples where AI enables human workers to function at a far greater level of productivity than they would otherwise. The productivity gain is realized through three main mechanisms, which often overlap:

  • Distillation — The ultimate summarizer. Crawling and analyzing enormous volumes of text, numbers, and data to generate a human-consumable concise summary.
  • Categorization — The ultimate sorter and router. Finding global patterns in enormous data sets to allow you to organize data at large scales.
  • Prediction — The ultimate assistant. Learning from human behavior and feedback to replicate and automate common tasks.

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Roy Wilds leads the data science team at PHEMI Systems, and is responsible for designing and building data analytics and data science software to extract insights from data. Roy has served as data mining team lead for multiple research teams, and has helped build protection tools for various data mining operations. Prior to becoming the Chief Data Scientist at PHEMI, Roy was the Director of Product Management responsible for PHEMI Central™ product development and strategy.

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