Executive Viewpoint 2017 Prediction: PHEMI

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With analysts predicting a worldwide big data technology and services market valued at nearly $50 billion by 2019, it’s imperative to understand big data trends. PHEMI Systems CEO Dr. Paul Terry shares insights gleaned from working with CIOs and IT departments leveraging big data more effectively for analysis, business intelligence, data science, and discovery.

  1. Consensus Builds for Big Data Privacy and Governance
  2. Data Science Drives Greater Discovery
  3. Emerging Cloud-Based Big Data Solutions
  4. Big Data Warehouse Solutions Out-of-the-Box
  5. New Business Requirements are Changing Data Warehouse Architectures

To learn more about each of these points, you can view the original article here.

As CEO of PHEMI Systems, Dr. Terry is a renowned big data expert and a frequent participant on the speaker front, delivering a visionary approach to technology that can help enterprises across industries capitalize on their data and become data-driven innovators. Most recently, he spoke at the Life Science of Manitoba Annual General Meeting where he demonstrated the intrinsic value that can be derived from big data and explored ways companies can capitalize on secondary uses of data, while maintaining the requisite privacy, security and governance of personal information.

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