Q&A: The Transformative Power of Big Data Paired with Data Science

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Data analytics is a mature discipline at this point, and even those outside the data science world generally understand what it’s all about. Modern data science, however, is still new enough to spur questions. Vincent Glanville, Executive Data Scientist at Data Science Central, spoke with Roy Wilds, Chief Data Scientist from PHEMI, a Vancouver-based big data startup, about the best way to educate people on the transformative power of big data paired with data science. 

  • When you’re working with customers who aren’t necessarily data experts, how do you explain the difference between data analytics and the kind of work they can do with big data and data science?
  • Is there a common pain point you find where organizations really open up to the possibilities of more advanced data science?
  • Do you have specific examples you use when discussing this with customers to illustrate these differences in concrete terms?

To read Roy’s full interview, view the original article here.

Roy Wilds leads the data science team at PHEMI Systems, and is responsible for designing and building data analytics and data science software to extract insights from data. Roy has served as data mining team lead for multiple research teams, and has helped build protection tools for various data mining operations. Prior to becoming the Chief Data Scientist at PHEMI, Roy was the Director of Product Management responsible for PHEMI Central™ product development and strategy.

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