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The American Heart Association (AHA) Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine recently announced a series of new grants and fellowships for clinical and population researchers, computer engineers, and computational biologists. The grants will support a range of projects, including those that develop tools that to enable richer data analysis; establish better standards for future EMR integration; create new data curation methods; improve data mining for identifying associations, biomarkers, and risk factors regarding cardiovascular health; and more.

The AHA’s support for data-driven projects and solutions is particularly timely. A recent Gartner study (State of U.S. Healthcare Provider Analytics, 2016) discovered that healthcare providers are increasingly investing in analytics. According to their findings, 77% of Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDOs) are “actively investing in analytics capabilities or actively using analytics,” although “23% are without a strategy and are relying on whatever capabilities exist.” We’re witnessing the start of a lot of positive progress with regards to data-driven initiatives, but there’s still a lot more to discover.

Here at PHEMI, we’re excited about these grants, which will be distributed over the next 11 months. It’s always great to see more funding available for big data projects, especially within the healthcare industry, and funding that specifically acknowledges the immense potential of the cloud to support next-generation, big data healthcare solutions.

Amazon Web Services will provide the American Heart Association Data Grants winners with computational storage and analysis. The AHA praises cloud technology as a highly suitable and economically strategic choice for scientific research of any volume.

If you’re looking to develop similar big data projects, consider a scalable, cost-efficient cloud-based solution. Getting started with the cloud is easier than you think. Click here to view an infographic that will teach you the four things you need from your big data system to get it up and running quickly and painlessly.

You can read more about the AHA Precision Cardiovascular Medicine Data Grants here.

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