Major Shifts in Big Data for 2016

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By Dr. Paul Terry

Last year at PHEMI, we saw many exciting developments for big data management and analytics. We expect no different for 2016, with some existing shifts continuing and some new trends beginning to emerge. Clearly, the coming year is showing a lot of promise for leveraging new big data technologies and solutions across a number of different industries.

One key big data shift that’s expected in 2016 is a move towards the “Democratization of Data.” In the past, it has typically fallen to business intelligence and analytics groups to create datasets, generate reports, and generally act as a provider to data consumers. That mode of operation is now evolving, and new technologies built around data privacy, governance, and security are creating new and more beneficial ways that data can be managed and shared. We predict there will be an ongoing movement away from current custom-tailored data requests, with specialized departments controlling and generating information as spreadsheets, graphs or dashboards. Instead, the “Democratization of Data” will unlock data gates so that data-driven businesses can expand access, allowing all parties to use their data to maximum benefit.

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As CEO of PHEMI Systems, Dr. Terry is a renowned big data expert and a frequent participant on the speaker front, delivering a visionary approach to technology that can help enterprises across industries capitalize on their data and become data-driven innovators. Most recently, he spoke at the Life Science of Manitoba Annual General Meeting where he demonstrated the intrinsic value that can be derived from big data and explored ways companies can capitalize on secondary uses of data, while maintaining the requisite privacy, security and governance of personal information.

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