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Executive Viewpoint 2017 Prediction: PHEMI

With analysts predicting a worldwide big data technology and services market valued at nearly $50 billion by 2019, it’s imperative to understand big data trends. PHEMI Systems CEO Dr. Paul Terry shares insights gleaned from working with CIOs and IT departments leveraging big data more effectively for analysis, business intelligence, data science, and discovery. 1. Consensus Builds for Big Data Privacy and Governance As companies collect different data types to run analytics and unlock new discoveries, technology is emerging to

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Q&A: The Transformative Power of Big Data Paired with Data Science

Data analytics is a mature discipline at this point, and even those outside the data science world generally understand what it’s all about. Modern data science, however, is still new enough to spur questions. Vincent Glanville, Executive Data Scientist at Data Science Central, spoke with Roy Wilds, Chief Data Scientist from PHEMI, a Vancouver-based big data startup, about the best way to educate people on the transformative power of big data paired with data science.  VG – When you’re working with

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Four Steps to Make your Data More Consumable

By Adam Lorant, VP Product Management & Solutions, PHEMI We’re swimming in a sea of data that includes claims and clinical EMR data, registries going back decades, and the looming deluge of new genomic records, with all adding to the flood. Buried in all the noise is the potential for amazing insights to lower costs, drive quality, and improve health outcomes. Innovators in every area of healthcare are mining data for clues to reduce readmissions, identify care gaps, flag patients

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