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Turnkey Hadoop? Yes, It’s Possible.

As you already know, there are big benefits to big data, and the first step to capitalizing on them is getting an efficient data architecture (including your traditional systems AND big data) up and running. But what’s the best way to build that warehouse? In our last blog, we discussed the many questions and complications that arise when you want to go DIY and build the warehouse yourself. But what about a pre-integrated solution? A turnkey solution won’t be as

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Maybe Don’t Try This at Home: The Pains of DIY Hadoop

So you want to get started with big data. Excellent! It’s easy to see why. From 360-degree customer views built from past transactions and social media feeds, to the ability to analyze thousands of processes and identify inefficiencies, to uncovering brand new connections by bringing together all your formerly disparate data sources, big data means big rewards for organizations across industries. For these reasons, the why is obvious. It’s the how that often proves more elusive. How do you get

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Data Science On Top of Big Data is Transforming the Nature of Analytics

Data analytics is a pretty mature discipline; we’ve been using analysis and statistics to make sense of data for a very long time. In recent times, SQL-based analytics—things like calculating sums and averages over different groupings of data—have been foundational for organizational strategy and competitive edge, powering dashboards and forming the basis of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Data science, now, is a newer kid on the block. What’s the difference between data science and the traditional SQL-based analytics? Who needs

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