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Precision Medicine Adoption Review

Precision Medicine

What an exciting time for precision medicine. Genomic sequencing is becoming better, faster, and cheaper at an exponential rate, outpacing even Moore’s Law. What was impossible or prohibitively expensive some 10 years ago is becoming affordable not only for academic research but also for clinical applications. With the price of the whole genome sequencing having fallen to $1,000 USD when done at scale, more and more innovative organizations are looking for ways to use genomics data to revolutionize and personalize

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Data Governance Drives Effective Analytics

We recently came across Aberdeen’s report “Nimble IT and the Data Layer: The Lynchpin of Analytical Success,” which summarizes survey results of data management professionals and analytics users.  The report explores the relationship between IT environments and decision-making by business users. Interestingly, Aberdeen found that something called a “nimble IT” environment empowers line-of-business users to make better decisions and improve company performance. We all intuitively understand what Aberdeen means by “nimble” – an IT organization that is strategic, yet agile,

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PHEMI Named a 2017 Gartner Cool Vendor in Healthcare Providers

PHEMI Named a 2017 Gartner Cool Vendor in Healthcare Providers for its Advancement of Precision Medicine and Clinical Research Initiatives Company’s big data management platform purpose built for integrating and analyzing large healthcare data sets with industrial strength privacy, performance, and governance  VANCOUVER, BC, May 1, 2017 – PHEMI, the company delivering big data solutions with built-in privacy, governance, and enterprise-grade management, says its status as a Gartner Cool Vendor for Healthcare Providers is based upon a big data warehouse

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Capitalizing on Big Data with Data Science

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the marketing hype these days around “big data.” But what does it actually mean in practice? What’s the difference between big data, data science and the kinds of analytics that organizations have been using for years? How do big data systems and modern data science work together to answer new kinds of questions? Scientific Computing spoke with Roy Wilds, Ph.D., of PHEMI, a Vancouver-based big data company, to find out. When people talk about

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IoT Predictions for 2017: Big Data, Orchestration, Standardization, and More

2016 has certainly been an exciting year in the burgeoning IoT space. Yet 2017 is expected to be even better; a recent note from 451 Research argues that seven in 10 enterprise IT buyers are now gathering IoT data, a figure expected to rise even further in 12 months’ time. Below, IoT Tech News has put together a series of predictions from experts at the sharp end of the industry. Agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments. 1. Real

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Executive Viewpoint 2017 Prediction: PHEMI

With analysts predicting a worldwide big data technology and services market valued at nearly $50 billion by 2019, it’s imperative to understand big data trends. PHEMI Systems CEO Dr. Paul Terry shares insights gleaned from working with CIOs and IT departments leveraging big data more effectively for analysis, business intelligence, data science, and discovery. Consensus Builds for Big Data Privacy and Governance Data Science Drives Greater Discovery Emerging Cloud-Based Big Data Solutions Big Data Warehouse Solutions Out-of-the-Box New Business Requirements

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Big Data on the Move: What’s in Store for 2017?

By Dr. Paul Terry, CEO, PHEMI Over the past year, there clearly has been some major movement in trends associated with big data. As we move into the New Year, it’s helpful to explore features that are quickly becoming essentials for organizations that want to get the most value out of their data, and help ensure their big data system isn’t a big hassle. By now, big data’s immense capabilities are well known. Businesses are excited to leverage all of

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Data Product to Support Research On Human Genome

As human genomes are increasingly incorporated in patient records and research databases, information technology will be challenged to sort through the massive amounts of data to enable research and improve patient care. That’s the promise of new technology introduced by a Canadian company, which is building a product intended to help large provider research organizations that will need to manage massive databases to facilitate precision medicine applications. PHEMI, based in Vancouver, is releasing PHEMI Central Precision Medicine Edition to address

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PHEMI Launches Precision Medicine Platform for Big Data

The new Precision Medicine platform leverages Oracle and Hadoop technologies to enable users to run analytics against large research data sets. Big Data warehouse vendor PHEMI unveiled its Central Precision Medicine Edition. Designed to reduce the time researchers spend analyzing vast amounts of genomic and phenotypic data, the PHEMI Central Precision Medicine Edition leverages Oracle and Hadoop technologies. Oracle Big Data Appliance and is built on Hadoop Big Data technology for scalability and ultra-fast query capabilities. Running on the Oracle

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