• Zero Trust Data

    A new approach to privacy, data sharing, and governance in a data-driven world.

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  • Personalized Medicine Initiative

    PHEMI will power PMI’s groundbreaking work in disease prevention and early intervention


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  • Beyond the “Data Lake"

    Managing Big Data for Value Creation

    Learn how to avoid the “data swamp” in this paper
    by PHEMI CEO, Dr. Paul Terry

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  • Self-Serve Data

    Give users on-demand access to their data, while automatically enforcing governance rules and privacy requirements

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Enterprise-grade big data with privacy, security & governance

PHEMI Central is a new class of data warehouse that uses big data technologies to handle any volume and variety of data, while providing advanced features for data management, privacy, and governance – all built right in.

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Ingest any type of data, at speed


Transform, index, graph and catalog data into analytics-ready digital assets.


Access your virtual datasets on demand

Privacy, Security  & Governance

Manage consent, data sharing agreements, de-identification and compliance automatically

Data Management

Use a powerful metadata framework to manage data at the field-level automatically

Learn how your organization can benefit from the power of PHEMI Central.

Defence in depth extended right to the data layer

Zero trust data makes the overall system more secure. Without Zero Trust Data, any application breach will result in a data breach. When zero trust is implemented at the data layer, data remains secure.


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  • Trust No One: How Rethinking Privacy Will Set Your Data Free

    By Dr. Paul Terry

    It may seem counter-intuitive, but in a data-driven world, the biggest barrier to success is not grappling with technology. It’s accommodating people.

    Here’s what I mean: big data technology is now mature enough to collect huge amounts of information. Structured, unstructured, pictures, code fragments, virtual machines—you can dump anything and everything into a modern Hadoop database, and gain incredible insights to spur new innovations and better experiences in virtually every industry.

  • PHEMI Enables Data-Driven Enterprises with Zero Trust Data

    Bringing Privacy, Security & Governance to Big Data

    VANCOUVER, BC, September 22, 2015 – PHEMI, the company delivering privacy, security, and governance for big data, today introduced Zero Trust Data, an innovative, comprehensive approach to remove critical roadblocks standing in the way of enterprises aiming to become data-driven.  A Zero Trust Data approach changes the way data is managed and secured, allowing companies to more effectively collect, share and protect data.

  • PHEMI to Power Personalized Medicine Initiative’s (PMI) Groundbreaking Work in Disease Prevention and Early Intervention

    VANCOUVER, BC, September 22, 2015 – PHEMI, the company delivering privacy, security, governance and enterprise-grade management for big data, today announced that the Personalized Medicine Initiative (PMI), based in the Life Sciences Institute of the University of BC, has deployed PHEMI Central Big Data Warehouse to collect, store and manage genomic and clinical data for the Molecular You Corporation (MyCo) Pathfinder Project.

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