• Beyond the “Data Lake"

    Managing Big Data for Value Creation

    Learn how to avoid the “data swamp” in this paper
    by PHEMI CEO, Dr. Paul Terry

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  • Ten Considerations to Realize Enterprise-Grade Big Data

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  • Self-Serve Data

    Give users on-demand access to their data, while automatically enforcing governance rules and privacy requirements

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Enterprise-grade big data with privacy, security & governance

PHEMI Central is a new class of data warehouse that uses big data technologies to handle any volume and variety of data, while providing advanced features for data management, privacy, and governance – all built right in.

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Ingest any type of data, at speed


Transform, index, graph and catalog data into analytics-ready digital assets.


Access your virtual datasets on demand

Privacy, Security  & Governance

Manage consent, data sharing agreements, de-identification and compliance automatically

Data Management

Use a powerful metadata framework to manage data at the field-level automatically

Learn how your organization can benefit from the power of PHEMI Central.

Big data can be small data too.

A common misconception is that big data requires petabytes of data.  In fact, any combination of velocity, variety and/or volume may be the driver for your organization’s need for big data solutions.

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